Best Disposable Vapes 2022

Best Disposable Vapes 2022

As vaping becomes more mainstream, the availability of disposable vape pens seems endless. It’s all too common to get a disposable vape and have it have a poor battery life, low-quality flavors, or an uncomfortable and hard to use design. Luckily for you, we’ve gone through the trash to find the treasure! Below are our choices for […]

Disposable Vape Pen

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Disposable Vape Disposable vapes are non-rechargeable vaping devices that come pre-charged and pre-filled with various flavored vape juice. Created to maximize convenience, these vaping devices use high strength salt nicotine which gives uses a satisfying nicotine hit to mimic the smoking experience. With this convenience in mind, users need no lighter, ash tray, or any […]

How Do Disposable Vape Pens Work?

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Disposable vapes are all the rage these days, but these ubiquitous products can be confusing to newcomers. This is particularly true for those that are used to traditional vaping devices but have not yet branched out to the convenience of disposables. Even if you’re familiar with the history of vaping , you may be very unfamiliar with […]

What Are the Longest Lasting Disposable Vapes?

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Disposable vapes Disposable vapes are popular for a reason. The convenience of not having to worry about refilling or recharging a vape device is incredible. Of course, falling for a new disposable vape only to find it only lasts a few puffs can be extremely disappointing. If you’re looking for a new disposable vape and want […]