Honey House Extract


About Honey House


Honey Brands changed the cannabis landscape when we created the first ever distillate cartridge, turning Humboldt flower into liquid gold

I’ve seen them stocked within a minimum of 2 completely different native dispensaries, and a Nugg search illustrated there are 3 dispensaries in my space that’ll deliver Honey House Full G Disposable.

What has been declared by the corporate is that Honey Vape cartridges are high in consciousness-altering drugs and free from unnatural solvents. They advertise a THC content of 75%+, and Cannabis Reports has logged the THC content of many of their product all inside that ballpark.

And being solventless suggests that no alkane series was used in the making. Whereas BHO (butane hash oil) is primarily a lot of widespread concentrates, there’s a bit low gift danger of butane not being adequately purged, which may be harmful if consumed. Some users merely like an absence of unnatural chemicals in their smoke or vapor, notwithstanding it’s been appropriately created and every one the solvent has been purged.